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KITE Robotics engineers and manufactures window cleaning robots

KITE Robotics manufactures innovative robots for the purpose of window and façade cleaning.
The KITE window cleaning robot is a cost-effective solution for glass, façade and roof cleaning. It can operate at any height and is able to clean areas that are usually difficult to reach. It does so in a sustainable manner without any human interaction.

The modular technology behind the KITE Robot allows us to create the optimal solution for specific buildings. Your building is at the centre of this development. With the technology of KITE the optimal cleaning solution will be found without requiring compromise on the architectural aspect of your building.

Choose the automated KITE building cleaning system for safe, efficient and sustainable window cleaning. If you’d like to find out about the uses of this robot, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Do you have a building in mind?

We can show you the possibilities!
Provide us with technical drawings, pictures or a description of your building or atrium and we will perform a quickscan. This will give you quick insight in the compatibility of the building and the advantages that automatic cleaning will provide for you.

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What can the KITE window cleaning robot do for you?

“KITE delivers a fast cleaning process at lower costs but at a high quality level”

– Pim Fij, Director Campus & Facility management, University of Twente

“Sustainability, efficiency and safety are important to consider when making a suitable decision for the system.”

– Alexander Schütte, City of Utrecht

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