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Revolutionary facade cleaning robot for high buildings

Fast, safe and sustainable facade cleaning at low cost.

KITE Robotics

The future starts now

We aim to facilitate building owners, architects and facility managers to increase safety and reduce costs and effort to clean large façades. For such task, we have developed a solution: the first completely autonomous robots that can clean windows and façades in dangerous places (e.g. tall buildings). Unique in the world, these robots do a great and fast job of cleaning windows, without putting personnel in dangerous positions.

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    Why KITE Robotics?

    Enjoy all benefits

    Speed without compromising quality

    The system is able to clean the outside on a building 6x times faster than the current way of cleaning, while increasing the quality of cleaning: the entire façade is cleaned - windows, frames and paneling Your building will be cleaned in no time.


    People at risky heights are completely avoided, as our technology does not require personnel on platforms or working as mountaineers.


    The system is able to generate a return on investment and operating margins that are well above the current standards, with approximately savings of 80% on operational expenses.

    Environmentally sustainable

    Environmental friendliness is achieved through the use of demineralised water (without chemicals), which does not harm the environment and gives outstanding cleaning results, at the same time it meets BREEAM building management standards. You save energy (up to 75%) and earn BREEAM points.

    The robot

    Features of the patented KITE window cleaning robot

    On the short and long term your building will shine like a diamond with the robot system.

    Only 4 fixtures

    The robot attaches to the four corners of the façade by four light-weight wires and is navigated by specially developed winches on these corners. The system only requires a few fixtures on the corners of a building where the robot is connected to, leaving much space on the roof for solar panels or technical installations. It also leaves much space on the roof for solar panels or technical installations.

    Easy (dis)connectable

    You can connect the robot quickly to the fixtures of the building. After use, you can easily remove and store the robot.

    Smart movement cable system

    With the ‘smart movement’ cable system, the robot follows the contours of every surface perfectly The varying brush rotation direction cleans all corners and indentations.

    Flexible control

    The robot cleans automatically via a pre-programmed route or manually via the easy-to-use control panel.

    Besides cleaning there are also inspection and maintenance possibilities. Interested? Please contact us for more information.

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