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In 1885, the first skyscraper was built in Chicago Since then, spectacularly tall structures with mostly glass facades have risen all over the world.

However, the revolutionary developments in architecture and construction have missed one essential aspect: how do you keep the windows and facades clean?

All tall buildings are still cleaned by hand to this day. An expensive, slow and life-threatening method of keeping facades and windows clean. We are changing that.

How it works

The Kite robot consists of a central cleaning element. It's attached to the four corners of the façade by four light-weight wires which navigates by specially developed winches on these corners. By changing the wire lengths in a coordinated way, the robot is able to move itself and clean the façade in vertical adjacent tracks.

Only 4 fixtures

The robot attaches to the four corners of the façade by four light-weight wires and is navigated by specially developed winches on these corners. The system only requires a few fixtures on the corners of a building where the robot is connected to, leaving much space on the roof for solar panels or technical installations.

Easy (dis)connectable

It is easy to connect the robot to the building. Once the robot is connected, it calibrates itself and automatically starts cleaning. After the facade has been cleaned, the robot returns to its starting position, where the system can be easily disconnected again. When not in use, the robot and its cables are invisible.

Smart movement cable system

With the 'smart movement' cable system, the robot follows the contours of every surface perfectly. The varying brush rotation direction cleans all corners and indentations.

Facade types

The facade cleaning robot cleans glass facades, aluminium facades, natural stone facades, stone facades, etc. In addition, the facade does not have to be smooth: the robot easily handles window depths of 20 cm and more. For depths > 20 cm, please contact us so that we can indicate whether your building is suitable for robot cleaning. For example, we are currently working on two buildings with window depths of 35 and 50 cm.

Flexible control

The robot cleans automatically via a pre-programmed route or manually via the easy-to-use control panel. A 2-day training is part of the program. If desired, we can also arrange a local workforce to connect and disconnect the robot system, so that everything is out of your hands.

flexibele bediening
diagnostische software

KITE Online Diagnostic Software

Every Kite robot is linked to a central database at our headquarters in which relevant operational & functional data (e.g. running time, sensor output, motor data, etc.) is logged. Based on this, maintenance is optimized in order to prevent failures and software will always be up to date.

Cleaning method

The Kite robot cleans windows by means of a rotating brush with purified water and provides effective removal of dirt, dust and stains. Brush diameter, density and rotation speed depend on the façade geometry and glass indentations. The water is purified with reversis osmosis technology and does not contain any hazardous chemicals, ensuring environmental-friendly, residue-free cleaning. Additionally, compared to current solutions, KITE saves 48% on water and 85% on energy per cleaning, due to its high productivity and the use of lightweight modules and highly efficient motors.

stabiliteit capaciteit kite robotics

Stability and capacity

Due to its smart movement cable system, with 4 cables from 4 different directions, the Kite window cleaning robot is very stable, also in windy conditions. The cleaning speed is 300 m2 per hour, depending on the facade ‘smoothness’. Due to this high productivity, it is easy to increase the cleaning frequency without increasing cost.
It is a challenge to clean high buildings frequent enough with the conventional cleaning method, due to the limited amount of wind-limited days (days where the wind speed is low enough to use a crane or gondola) and due to the relatively low cleaning speed. With the Kite system you can clean as often as you want. Due to regular and proper cleaning of the entire facade, dirt has no chance to penetrate deeply and major maintenance will be lower in the long term.

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