Safe, efficient and sustainable, with crystal clear results

KITE Robotics has developed an innovative solution for high-rise window and façade cleaning: the KITE window cleaning robot. It already maintains several buildings spread throughout the Netherlands.
This ingenious automated system cleans high-rise windows and façades automatically, without human intervention. The rotating brush leaves the windows and façades of any building spotless, even in areas that are usually difficult to reach.

Choose the automated KITE building cleaning system for safe, efficient and sustainable window cleaning. If you’d like to find out about the uses of this robot, don’t hesitate to contact us.

> What can the KITE window cleaning robot do for you?

The KITE window cleaning robot

cleans automatically and safely:

The cleaning unit precisely follows a pre-programmed path using a sophisticated cable system. Window and façade cleaners no longer have to work at great heights.

offers simultaneous cleaning:

Several surfaces can be cleaned at the same time.

cleans sustainably:

The system uses demineralized water with no added cleaning products. It’s a proven fact that surfaces stay cleaner for longer because no soap residue is left behind to attract dirt.

Window Cleaning Robot

KITE Robotics in the media

KITE Window Cleaning Robot in the media