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KITE Robotics manufactures innovative robots for the purpose of window and façade cleaning. These robots already clean and maintain several buildings spread throughout the Netherlands.
The KITE window cleaning robot is a cost-effective solution for glass, façade and roof cleaning. It can operate at any height and is able to clean areas that are usually difficult to reach. It does so in a sustainable manner without any human interaction.

Choose the automated KITE building cleaning system for safe, efficient and sustainable window cleaning. If you’d like to find out about the uses of this robot, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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The municipality of Utrecht opts for the KITE window cleaning robot

Recently a contract was signed by the municipality of Utrecht for the window cleaning robot of KITE Robotics, a start-up at the University of Twente. The robot is going to clean the glass canopy above the stairs to the new tramline at Utrecht Central Station. Early on in the development of this project the municipality has given thought to maintenance, choosing for the automatic KITE robot. Its simple and autonomous functionality gives relief during the building’s exploitation.

Alexander Schütte, municipality of Utrecht: “Sustainability, efficiency and safety are important to consider when making a suitable decision for the system. The difficult accessibility of the canopy and the cost-savings that the KITE robot has to offer in the exploitation phase were decisive in our choice. It will also allow us to increase the cleaning frequency, creating a cleaner environment for the travellers.”

“Robotics is the future for smart buildings” Stefan Spanjer, director of KITE Robotics

Stefan Spanjer, director of KITE Robotics: “The idea for the KITE window cleaning robot originated when I was studying mechatronics at the University of Twente. Even then I was convinced that robotics would be the future for smart buildings. We are thrilled that the municipality of Utrecht chose for our robot. It has the benefit of safer conditions and cleaner buildings, improving the work and living conditions for everyone involved.” covered the subject, as did the University of Twente, DUIC, Clean Totaal and Vastgoedjournaal.

Photo (left to right): Alexander Schütte, municipality of Utrecht, Thomas Neijenhuis, municipality of Utrecht and Stefan Spanjer, KITE Robotics.

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The KITE window cleaning robot

cleans automatically and safely:

The cleaning unit precisely follows a pre-programmed path using a sophisticated cable system. Window and façade cleaners no longer have to work at great heights.

offers simultaneous cleaning:

Several surfaces can be cleaned at the same time.

cleans sustainably:

The system uses demineralized water with no added cleaning products. It’s a proven fact that surfaces stay cleaner for longer because no soap residue is left behind to attract dirt.

Window Cleaning Robot