Sustainable window cleaning for future RIVM using robots

After being completed in 2021, the exterior of the building, facade and glass roof will be cleaned autonomously by the KITE Robot from KITE Robotics. The so-called footprint of this cleaning robot is low, which contributes to achieving BREEAM classifications. BREEAM sets requirements for management, health and comfort, energy, transport, water, materials, waste, land use and ecology, and pollution.

The KITE Robot was designed for window and facade cleaning at high altitudes. The computerized system automatically cleans without human interference. The robot creates safer conditions and cleaner buildings. The rotary brush effortlessly cleans the windows and facades of the RIVM.

The robot cleans the glass canopy above the stairs to the new tramline at Utrecht Central Station. This railway station is the largest in the Netherlands, with more than 170,000 passengers and 900 trains passing through every day.

In the early stages of development the city of Utrecht has thought about smart maintenance. With the KITE Robotics system cleaning is efficient and safe, with no impact to the direct environment and the passengers, allowing travelers to comfortably continue their journey.

“Sustainability, efficiency and safety are important to consider when making a suitable decision for the system.”

Alexander Schütte, City of Utrecht: "The difficult accessibility of the canopy and the cost-savings that the KITE robot has to offer in the exploitation phase were decisive in our choice.

It will also allow us to increase the cleaning frequency, creating a cleaner environment for the travellers."

The brush is supplied with demineralized water via a connection point at the top of the building. (Demineralized water is tap water filtered in a special way, the cleaning effect of which has been proven indisputably.)

“High-quality sustainable technology in line with the Camelot Real Estate vision for micro-living/studenthousing”

Camelot Campus 053 consists of a residential block with 441 student studios including lounge-and waitingroom, sport- /game area and cinema. The KITE Robotics technology is used to clean the windows that are difficult to reach. The robot has no cameras and therefore does not look inside, allowing guests to enjoy a stay with increased privacy and a permanent clear view.

“High-quality sustainable technology in line with the Camelot Real Estate vision for micro-living/studenthousing” – Gert Jan van de Sande, Project Leader/Contract Supervisor Transformation and Construction Management, Camelot Real Estate

“KITE delivers a fast cleaning process at lower costs but at a high quality level”

We used to experience window cleaning of our buildings as long-lasting process. With use of the KITE Robot the process is much faster while maintaining good quality. Next to that, we think its environmental friendly and sustainable character is important. In first instance it seems like an investment, but we already earned it back.

Also, it is extremely safe and you don’t need complicated construction on the roof anymore. The robot only uses four anchor points on the roof, which leaves space available for e.g. solar paneling. In the near future we will definitely use the robot on some of our other buildings.

Park Phi, ‘Kantoor Noord’ situated at the Zuiderval in Enschede

Schröder Vastgoed realized Park Phi, which consists of three advanced office buildings. There was a focus on sustainability and the customer experience.

Park Phi was one of the first buildings in the Netherlands to achieve a BREEAM label, which is a sustainability label for real estate. The KITE Robotics system is used due to its efficiency and sustainability.

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