NJC is proud to announce that we have partnered with Kite Robotics to deliver the Kite Robot to the UK and Ireland.

The Kite Robot is a revolutionary fully autonomous robot that can provide vertical cleaning to glass facades, aluminium facades, natural stone facades and more, removing the significant risk of having an employee clean at great heights.

Not only does the Kite Robot remove risk, it also provides a more efficient clean, cleaning 6 times faster than standard cleaning and saving 48% on water and 85% on energy per cleaning. This efficiency, combined with the Kite Robot using only purified water with no hazardous chemicals, ensures an environmentally friendly clean.

“NJC are excited to announce our partnership with Kite Robotics.” said Paul Crilly , NJC CEO “We are really excited by this innovation which will disrupt the commercial window cleaning market. We have been working with Kite Robotics for almost 18 months and following our highly successful demonstrations on our customer sites, we are proud to offer the Kite to Developers, Landlords and Working at Height Advisors throughout the UK and Ireland.

“We are absolutely thrilled to sign this partnership with NJC.” said Stefan Spanjer, Founder & Managing Director of Kite Robotics. “At Kite, we are committed to the introduction of fully autonomous window and façade cleaning systems, that’s why we created the Kite. We are excited to work with the entire NJC team to expand our reach as the leading provider of autonomous robots in the industry.”

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