Rotating brush

The KITE Robot consists of a single cleaning element – a rotating brush – which operates autonomously. This is controlled by four cables attached to almost invisible connection points on and, if necessary, at the bottom of the building. A connection point at the top of the building delivers demineralized water to the brush. (Demineralized water is specially filtered tap water whose cleaning properties have been proven beyond doubt.)

Rotating brush

Ingenious cable system

Thanks to the smart technology behind the cable system, the cleaning unit can precisely follow the contours of any surface. Optimal operation of the four cables allows the KITE Robot to move in any direction. The path that the KITE Robot follows is carefully calculated and programmed in advance, enabling it to clean any surface at any height without human intervention.

Cable system

Easy to connect and store

The KITE Robot technology makes it easy to connect and disconnect the robot from the building. Setting up the pulleys for the cables is a simple job. Once the pulleys are set up, the robot calibrates itself and cleans the building. After cleaning the robot returns to its starting position, where the system can be disconnected. So the robot and the cables are not visible outside cleaning.

Dazzling architecture

Apart from the fixtures, the whole system can be removed. The beauty of the architecture is not spoiled by permanent maintenance structures.