KITE Robotics stands for Key Innovations in the Treatment of Exteriors. Beautiful architecture and well-maintained buildings that do justice to their design are extremely important to us. We believe these buildings should delight their users.

That’s why we specialize in developing innovative solutions for the fast, precise, safe and economical cleaning of building exteriors. Our patented solutions are sustainable and eliminate the risks involved with people cleaning at great heights.

KITE Robotics: our vision

In the near future buildings will be cleaned by automated systems so that they always remain spotless and attractive. This will reduce the frequency of heavy maintenance and keep window and façade cleaners safe. In addition, architects will have fewer limitations when designing new buildings.
Moreover, it is becoming increasingly important to predict and manage facilities costs, particularly in the case of DBFMO contracts. One way of achieving this is to have an intelligent, automated cleaning method available.

Buildings vary enormously in size, shape and complexity. Our standardized products can be quickly integrated, regardless of the parameters of your building. As it’s easy to determine the optimum settings for our product, our technology can be used on both existing buildings and buildings that are still in development. In the latter case, we work with our clients during the concept and design phase to achieve the best result.

KITE Robotics: our mission

Our mission is to keep buildings sparkling clean. We believe they should delight their users. In addition, we want to solve the safety problem for window cleaners by giving them tools taking over the most dangerous work (working at heights in all weather conditions).

We want to achieve all this in a sustainable and innovative way.
Innovation is our lifeblood.


KITE Robotics works in close cooperation with the University of Twente, Kennispark Twente, and Provincie Overijssel.