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Van Wijnen Innovation Award won by KITE Robotics

Van Wijnen Breda has organized an innovation competition and KITE Robotics emerged victorious. From a pre-selection of 40 start-ups, KITE Robotics was voted to the top 5 to give a presentation to Van Wijnen and their contacts. The audience consisted of 90 attendees and chose KITE Robotics as the most innovative company.

Van Wijnen has innovation high on the agenda. The branch manager of Van Wijnen Breda, Peter Riemers explains this mindset. “As a groundbreaking and evolving construction company we are open to ‘first movers’. Present-day times demand a lot of innovation from organizations. To strengthen their power of innovation and to respond to new expectations of our customers, we are glad to work together with promising and ambitious start-ups such as KITE Robotics.”

As reward for winning the Innovation Award, Van Wijnen promises a close co-operation with KITE Robotics. Director of KITE Robotics Stefan Spanjer is delighted with the recognition. “We think it’s wonderful that Van Wijnen has organized this competition and that the audience has given KITE Robotics its recognition. We thank everyone that was involved!”

About Van Wijnen
Back in 1907, Van Wijnen begun with carpentry, after which it quickly grew into a construction company. Nowadays, it is even more than that! Van Wijnen is committed to help individual people and society as a whole to buildings which improve the quality of living, working and learning. Van Wijnen is involved in development, construction, management and maintenance.

11 October 2018

University of Applied Sciences Saxion made a video about their alumnus and our employee Koen!

Before coming to KITE Robotics, Koen has studied Mechanical Engineering at Saxion. In this video he tells about the things he has learned and how he is able to apply these at KITE Robotics. He also has some advice for others wishing to enter the field of Mechanical Engineering!

August 2018

The city of Utrecht opts for the KITE window cleaning robot

Recently a contract was signed by the city of Utrecht for the window cleaning robot of KITE Robotics, a start-up at the University of Twente. The robot is going to clean the glass canopy above the stairs to the new tramline at Utrecht Central Station. Early on in the development of this project the city has given thought to maintenance, choosing for the automatic KITE robot. Its simple and autonomous functionality gives relief during the building’s exploitation.

Alexander Schütte, City of Utrecht: “Sustainability, efficiency and safety are important to consider when making a suitable decision for the system. The difficult accessibility of the canopy and the cost-savings that the KITE robot has to offer in the exploitation phase were decisive in our choice. It will also allow us to increase the cleaning frequency, creating a cleaner environment for the travellers.”

Stefan Spanjer, director of KITE Robotics: “The idea for the KITE window cleaning robot originated when I was studying mechatronics at the University of Twente. Even then I was convinced that robotics would be the future for smart buildings. We are thrilled that the city of Utrecht chose for our robot. It has the benefit of safer conditions and cleaner buildings, improving the work and living conditions for everyone involved.” target=”_blank” covered the subject, as did the University of Twente, DUIC, Clean Totaal and Vastgoedjournaal.

July 2018

Utrecht opts for the KITE window cleaning robot

Photo (left to right): Alexander Schütte, City of Utrecht, Thomas Neijenhuis, City of Utrecht and Stefan Spanjer, KITE Robotics.

Winner at the PROVADA Start-up battle!

Dozens of Start-ups competed in the PROVADA Start-up battle to be named ‘the most promising PropTech company of 2018’ and win a wildcard for PROVADA FUTURE 2018. KITE Robotics together with nine other companies has been nominated for the PROVADA PROPTECH AWARD 2018 and will be attending PROVADA FUTURE 2018 at RAI Amsterdam on June 5-7. We will see you there!

20 March 2018

KITE Robotics at the 2017 NRC Live media event about robotization

The next NRC Live media event about robotization is being held today! It touches upon the subject of robotics and its impact on the economy, society and labor market. Leading professionals speak about the effects of robotization, machine learning and embedded AI. Stefan Spanjer of KITE Robotics will also speak at this event!

12 October 2017

KITE Robotics Window Cleaning Robot

KITE Robotics has been mentioned in articles on Service Management and Facto!

Both the professional cleaning platform Service Management and professional facility magazine Facto have reported on the use of robotic technology for window cleaning, and specifically the possibilities of our KITE Robot!

April 2017

Robot cleans at great heights

The Dutch magazine Quest reported about the development of the KITE building cleaning system in their special NWO-edition. Quest is an award-winning monthly popular science magazine published in Diemen, Netherlands.

The Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research supports a strong system of sciences in the Netherlands by encouraging quality and innovation in science.

Quest sends the magazine all Quest subscribers; NWO sends it to all Hypothese subscribers.
The magazine page can be seen here.

December 2016