Efficient and economical façade cleaning for building owners and facility managers

The economical KITE Window Cleaning Robot will make the outside of your building sparkling clean and keep it that way while reducing maintenance costs. You can be sure that your premises will always create a great impression.
Regular use of the KITE Robot will show that it’s easy to set up and very fast. People inside the building won’t be disturbed since the robot moving across their windows is unmanned: there is no one looking in at them.
Whatever the design of your building, the automated KITE Robot makes any surface squeaky clean without putting façade or window cleaners in dangerous positions. Just a few virtually invisible connection points are needed for the cables that drive the system along. The robot cleans different surfaces simultaneously with ease.
What’s more, the KITE Robot is a sustainable technology that meets the BREEAM building management standards.

Efficient, safe, sustainable and economical: the KITE Robot is a wise investment for exterior building maintenance.
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> How the KITE Windows Cleaning Robot works

Economical, high quality robot cleaning for the facility manager

The KITE Window Cleaning Robot is:


easy to transport and set up


no one has to work at great height


you determine exactly which part of your building is to be cleaned


windows, frames and façades are all cleaned at the same time


the use of demineralized water does not harm the environment and gives outstanding results


there are no permanent maintenance structures needed on the building, for example building maintenance units (bmu) or suspended platforms